Want stratospheric success? Look beyond your own worldview
July 3rd, 2018:
Current physician and former NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski knows a thing or two about out-of-this-world success. He knows that, most of all, that working with people that differ from you can open you up to new ideas. And new paths forward. Scott’s latest book is The Sky Below: A True Story of Summits, Space, and Speed, and he is brought to you today by Amway.

Lunar Gateway ‘Will Only Slow Us Down,’ Former Astronaut Terry Virts Tells White House June 19th, 2018:
Retired NASA astronaut Terry Virts doesn’t believe that the space agency’s plan to build a Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway will truly facilitate future space explorations.
In fact, the former astronaut is convinced that the lunar gateway will actually get in the way of the prospective manned missions to the moon and, even farther away, to Mars, reports Space News.

Astronaut Scott Parazynski, Renaissance man and Extreme Explorer

Dec 12th, 2017:
Scott Parazynski is a prolific inventor, tech start-up CEO, physician, pilot, avid climber, SCUBA diver, author, and speaker, in addition to being a former competitive luge slider, Olympic coach, and astronaut. Parazynski is the first and only person to both fly in space and summit Mount Everest.

If humans live in space, will we lose our skeletons?

Aug 10th, 2017:
Astronaut Scott Parazynski stopped by PCMag’s offices to talk about his new memoir The Sky Below, including the (possibly insane) future of human space exploration.
CBS This Morning
July 31st, 2017:
Dr. Scott Parazynski has traveled more than 23 million miles in space over his 17-year career. He has flown five missions and conducted seven spacewalks. He is also the only person to fly in space and reach the summit of Mount Everest. Parazynski joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss his new memoir, “The Sky Below: A True Story of Summits, Space, and Speed.”
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CNN Article: Going to space is a real pain in the back….
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Dangerous fixes made by Scott Parazynski in 2007 show no signs of wear or tear.
Nine years ago an emergency doc performed “hairy” surgery in space.
ARS Technica by Eric Berger
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November 2015 marks the 15th year of continual occupation of the International Space Station. Matthew Cox spoke to astronaut Scott Parazynski to find out what life is like on board.
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Space Rocks: Scott also gave a presentation at Space Center Houston to return to NASA the Apollo 11 lunar sample he took with him to the summit, accompanied by an Everest summit rock, for launch to the International Space Station. See the “Space Rocks” ceremony and Everest presentation at:

Watch video of Scott’s TEDMED 2010 presentation.

“Everest: Beyond the Limit — Deadly Countdown” See the full episode, featuring Scott, Danuru, Dawes and friends’ summit on May 20, 2009.
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Stay the Course, Astronauts Tell Space Council
April 12th, 2019:
Meet the only NASA astronaut to climb Mount Everest …

Stay the Course, Astronauts Tell Space Council
June 19th, 2018:
HOUSTON—Retired NASA astronauts Eileen Collins, Terry Virts and Scott Parazynski took seats at the White House June 18 to counsel the Trump administration’s recently revised National Space Council on the country’s future in space beyond the space …

Watch Scotts AHOF acceptance speech:
The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame welcomed astronaut inductees Brian Duffy and Scott Parazynski to its ranks during a May 14 ceremony at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, in Florida. Parazynski, who retired from NASA in 2009, flew on five spaceflights and performed seven spacewalks during his career.

Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck:
Scott was recently profiled in a new book on entrepreneurial success and risk tolerance: http://www.hsgl.com/
CNN: Astronaut/Climber – I’m not a risk taker 7/8/11
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Keeping The Space Dream Alive:
Space exploration is not dead. A new film at Houston’s Museum of Natural Science examines human spaceflight after the end of the Shuttle program. Dec 2011
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Read about Scott and the risks of Everest,
in the Fall 2009 issue of The Explorers Journal [HERE]
Aviation Week article on the ISS solar array repair