A 9 day science mission aboard Space Shuttle Discovery, involving 83 separate payloads and a Spacehab science module. Scott served as the flight engineer, and managed a number of investigations, including those involving Astronaut-Senator John Glenn. Scott also operated the Space Shuttle’s robotic arm in support of engineering evaluations for the upcoming International Space Station Program. Visit the STS-95 Mission page

NASA STS-95 preflight interviewer:
“What was your reaction when you were selected to fly with Senator Glenn?
“My initial response was this is too good to be true, this is science fiction. I think to put it in perspective, this would be like a physicist having the opportunity to make a great discovery with Albert Einstein, or a mountaineer to summit a Himalayan mountain with Sir Edmund Hillary, or to play baseball with Babe Ruth, or soccer with Pele; this, for an astronaut, is about as exciting as it gets.”