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An 11 day mission to aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis, featuring a Spacehab module and a docking to the Russian Space Station Mir. Scott served as the flight engineer, and led the first joint US-Russian spacewalk from the Shuttle, with cosmonaut Vladimir Titov. Together they retrieved experiments that had been deployed on an earlier Shuttle-Mir docking mission EVA, and performed a short flight test of the Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue (SAFER). During the mission, long duration crewmember Dave Wolf (up) was exchanged for Mike Foale (down). Visit the STS-86 Mission page

Scott quote in Smithsonian publication, “Space Shuttle the First 20 Years:” “The lighting on MIR was darker and the air warmer and more humid than on Atlantis. It immediately reminded me of my great-grandmother’s house in upstate New York.”